What Clients Say...

"Ron & Kelli are a credit to the real estate profession... having performed extraordinarily well.  Lindalee and I are very pleased with our relationship with them."

Robert & Lindalee

"We appreciate all the time you spent with us finding our new home!"

Scott & Kathleen

"Thanks for everything! You were very generous and marketed the house extremely well!"

Victor & Julie

"We thought buying a house was going to be overwhelming. All we had to do was find our dream house and they made sure it would be ours!"

Anne & Erik

"Ron & Kelli are the best. Ron & Kelli spoiled me for working with agents in North Carolina. They may be good, but they aren't as good as Ron & Kelli."


"Thank you both for finding us our new home!"

Vern & Viv

"Thank you for your time, work, & expertise. Your approach gave us great confidence that our choice of REALTORS was the right one!"

Bob & Tammy

"We really appreciate all of your hard work and many hours to make our investment of this home happen! We really appreciate your kindness and professionalism!"

Bryan & Karen

"Ron & Kelli took great care of me. I am very grateful!"


"Ron & Kelli are wonderful…we will never work with anyone else in real estate!"

Doug & Mikka

"We really appreciate all the work and effort you put into selling our house, especially working with the other agent."

Joan & Scott

"Ron & Kelli were just awesome and I will drop their names often!"


"I appreciate all the efforts Ron & Kelli made on my behalf. I couldn’t have done this without them."


"Thanks to Kelli & Ron. We really appreciated your guidance."


"We trust your guidance and thank you for everything you that you do for our family!"


"You're super awesome, Kelli & Ron!"


"We look forward to working with you again in the future."


"I just wanted to thank both of you for helping me find the new home of my business!"


"After working with Kelli and her team to purchase our home in Virginia, I would highly recommend them!! They have gone above and beyond on every aspect of our purchase, working late hours and weekends, and always providing quick and thorough responses to every problem or question we had. Additionally, their expertise in negotiating enabled us to purchase our home at a more fair price, while still being competitive enough to ensure we got to be the ones to buy it. They walked us through all of the necessary, and often complicated, processes and paperwork and made it all much easier than it might have otherwise been. I am confident we would not have ended up with the home of our dreams in such a quick fashion had it not been for Kelli and her team!!"


"Thanks for the great job representing us!"


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